Fees Management System

Campus Medicine Fees Management System

One of the vital and comprehensive modules of Campus Medicine, Fees Management ensures integration and management of various types of fees, fines, refunds and settlements applicable, online payment & receipt management and generation of multiple type of reports as well, thus streamlining the entire workflow process


  • Fee master
  • Fee categories
  • Scholarship master
  • Online /offline fees collection
  • One time / installment payment
  • Concessions
  • Hostel fees
  • Transport fees
  • Mess fees
  • Miscellaneous fees
  • Late fees
  • Refunds & settlements
  • Fines
  • Student ledgers
  • Collection forecasts & reports
  • Receipts
  • Regular SMS & email alerts on dues, payments & receipts


  • Linked to hostel & transportation, mess & miscellaneous fees
  • Automated Calculation of late fees, concessions, fines, refunds & settlements with ease
  • Miscellaneous fee section for addition of fees like uniform fee, damaged lab equipment fees, etc.
  • Includes scholarship and fees waiving process
  • Instant alerts to students & parents for fees due, payments done and receipts


  • Overall fee summary report - college wise/ course wise/ batch wise
  • Student overall fee collection report
  • Periodic fee collection report - Course wise/ Date wise
  • Student fee due report - College wise/ Course wise/ Year wise/ Phase wise/ Date wise
  • Student fee Refund and excess fee collection report
  • Fee concession list report
  • Student scholarship list report
  • Hostel wise student report year wise
  • Mess fee report year wise
  • Overall transport fee report - Main route wise/ Year wise
  • Route-wise transport fee report - Main route wise / Vehicle no wise / Year wise
  • Fee structure report - Year wise/ Fee type wise
  • Student payment details report