How Campus Medicine helped a multispecialty 2500 bed hospital streamline its attendance management processes.


Highly Complex attendance workflows/ calculations requiring immense manual work. Retrieval of real time student attendance data for desired/mandatory purposes very difficult.


Attendance online software module for automation of attendance management workflow process.


  • Integration of Departments on a common platform with individual dashboards and login credentials for Administrator, Student, Faculty and Parent
  • Efficient administrative control and management of course wise, Department wise, Class wise – timetable, faculty allocation and foolproof online student attendance recording & reporting
  • Provision for multiple auto-generated attendance reports – Periodic, Phase-wise/ Class-wise
  • Overall Reports – Attendance and Absence reports in detailed and matrix format
  • In-built individual and cumulative attendance calculation formulae for real time reporting.
  • Overall attendance on a prorate basis including the total classes handled, total attendance, percentage calculations, student shortfall – class-wise and category-wise
  • Provision for faculty posting, class handling and load details, unhandled sessions tracking, abeyance system, class swapping, to name a few
  • Elimination of paperwork and manual effort
  • Systematic overall attendance reports generation for every class
  • Defaulter identification at the click of a button
  • Automated and instantaneous management of student and faculty database, outperforming the conventional manual register based attendance method
  • Easy access to attendance history of a particular student and instant search feature
  • Systematic approach to attendance records maintenance and management
  • Optimum use of time, resources and significant reduction in costs


After this online attendance management system was installed in a 2500 bedded super specialty hospital in Bangalore, the hospital was able to handle the attendance management process of its staff and students in an efficacious way. Furthermore, the hospital had been spending a humongous amount of money annually on stationary and printing and this expenditure was cut down significantly. There was significant reduction in the communication costs annually after automation as well.

Comparative Analysis

Before and After Attendance Automation

Stationary & Printing Cost INR 2,50,00000+ annually 10,00,000+ annually
Communication cost INR 1,00,20000+ annually INR 2,00,000 annually
Student Attendance 63% 96% ^
Staff Attendance 68% 98% ^
Average time spent by staff in the classroom 61% 92% ^
Fees and dues Collection 90% 100% ^
Alerts 0 23 types
Availability of integrated MIS Hardcopy/Monthly basis Online/Anytime, Anywhere
Approval Process Manual / Time consuming Online/ Faster
Re-brand-ability 0% 100% ^
Key decision making Over one week Immediate
Campus efficiency 45% 95% ^
Employee, student and parent service 40% 85% ^
Data integrity 30% 95% ^