The 4S approach

Campus Medicine - The 4s Approach

The 4S approach

Campus Medicine - The 4s Approach


Seamless Integration – Easy integration with Face2Face/ Biometric/ RFID identification interfaces and software integration with existing systems.

Data Sharing Platform – A built-in common platform between all the classes/divisions or departments and all stakeholders for fluid information flow and interaction.

Ease of Use – User friendliness and automated workflow ensures smooth navigation and usage.


Real-time Tracking – Track attendance in real time from anywhere anytime

Systematic Reports – Create Customized reports at the click of a button

Instant Notifications – Send SMS/ email attendance alerts and more


Authorized Access – Profile dependent/ secure password based access to all stakeholders.

Central Repository – Centralized and secured data management system.

Zero Redundancy – Capture error and duplication free data and stop proxy reporting.


Green Initiative – Eliminate tedious paperwork and printing procedures.

Resource Utilization – Optimum utilization of in-house resources.

Time / Cost Saving – Automation saves time, operational and communication costs.